My point with regard to the father is that he was an alcoholic who had at least one possible incident of domestic violence. The alcoholism alone indicates a troubled family situation.

Have I ever shot a .45 before? Yes. I’ve carried .45s on many occasions. Was the killer trained in the use of firearms? Yes. Do millions of people learn how to use firearms effectively and never go on to murder? Also yes.

I included the things that I named because they are associated with this kind of violence. Are all of them necessarily involved here? No, and that is clear from the article. What I’m saying is that if we address these problems, we’ll eliminate a lot of violence without the kind of violations of rights that gun control imposes.

And by the way, you’re only underlining my argument when you say that the killer possessed unregistered guns. California requires the registration of firearms. The killer didn’t do that. This is yet another example of how gun laws burden the law-abiding without stopping crimes.

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