Are you wanting to curtail rights on the basis of speculation? I don’t know who shot the street sign. A background check won’t reveal that if, as you said, the person was never convicted. In a free society, we can only justify curtailing some rights after a person has been convicted.

The Supreme Court in the Dred Scott decision was a violation. Plessey v. Ferguson was a violation. This list can go on at length. The people who fought against the consequences of those rulings were consistent with the spirit of the Constitution. And since the Second Amendment says that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” infringements are clearly a violation, whether or not the Supreme Court approves of them.

More and more you support a solution that only burdens the law-abiding? That’s going to be a tought position to sell if you’re honest about it while promoting it. Gun control advocates are rarely honest, though.

Gee, Camp, what were you thinking? Supports gay rights, #2a, #1a, science, and other seemingly incongruous things. Books available on Amazon.

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